About The Charity

Recent photo of the Cotton Tree Children

Our Story

In 2007 our rented orphanage was set up by Rosemary and she rescued our first 10 children. In 2008 she returned to rescue another 8 children. Our mission has been to reduce poverty, improve health and increase their quality of life. We know our presence in Sierra Leone has made a difference to the lives of these children.

Our children are currently studying at higher educational institutions with the aim of gaining qualifications to support themselves.

A collage of children from Sierra Leone, being supported by the Cotton Tree Children’s Trust

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is for all of our children to be empowered to lead independent lives, increasing their chances in Sierra Leone, where life is so fragile.

Our aim is to help ease emotional scars, create a safe home for them to live as a family and to support their educational dreams with the long term aim for them to be able to make their own contributions to society.

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